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Auke products


Originated in Germany, Solutions Around Warehousing, Distribution and Material Processing Industry Chain

Quality assurance

blue line

Strict quality control to create first-class products for you

  • 10-year production experience

    Professional Solver of Internal Logistics in Factory
    Professional Manufacturers of Design, Manufacture and Installation

  • High Precision Machining

    Providing high quality products to many customers
    High Efficiency, Low Consumption and Durable Products

  • Precision measurement

    Not purchasing bad products, not producing bad products
    No defective products

  • 100%After-sale service

    Listen to the voice of customers
    Always put the customer's needs first

MoreCompany profile

Professional factory logistics solutions, we are from Germany. Taicang Oak's main business is around the procurement, manufacturing, marketing and management of logistics facilities in warehousing, distribution and material handling industry chains....